Stop blaming the fans for not watching the show, claiming they are being spiteful when actually they just don’t like some of the new cast, the story-line, or the changing of characters that we’ve gotten to know and love. Maybe you should step back and realize that this show isn’t what you promised it would be. It’s not a show about the Original family…it’s a show about power over the French Quarter. Which I could understand being about the family if they stuck together and all of them were there.
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I miss Klaus on TVD.
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It’s weird because I’m not a Stelena or Delena shipper because I loathe elena so much now, but even tonight’s episode took me back to season 1 Stelena feels~ they were so right for each other. Delena is so annoying every time I see it on my screen because it’s literally just them all the time….

I miss Klaus and Damon’s potential, budding bromance. Broken moral compass. Cocky, sarcastic and over confident. Partners in crime. Understanding and acceptance of each other. Their mutual interest in Stefan staying alive. And Damon’s such an obvious Klaroline shipper.
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Truth be told, Carenzo is tempting BUT it’s always gonna be Klaroline!
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so let me get this straight

a 13 year gold compliments Joseph on his chemistry with Leah and politely asks him about Klaroline at a convention (where the whole point is to communicate with your audience and give fans the chance to ask questions), meanwhile the TO cast and crew…