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like yes steroline is problematic in a lot of ways (stefan’s manipulation, caroline’s hero worship, etc.) but it’s just ?? such a happy ship ????

they’re best friends who support each other and make each other smile and laugh all the time and joke around and are each other’s anchor when one is too far gone and worry about each other constantly and


We’ll speak plainly: TVD needs more Caroline.
As much as we love the central love triangle, it’s starting to drag this show down with the way the creators seem to think it needs to stay front-and-center. Keep it present, of course! But don’t miss the opportunity of exploring characters like Caroline to do so.
― Once again Kayti Burt reads my mind with this WetPaint article stanning Caroline! (via colour-me-surprised)
I cringe at people liking Caroline with anyone but klaus but at the same time praise the fuck outta Candice because she is the fucking queen of chemistry
I’ve moved on, I no longer ship Klaroline.


If you ever see that on my blog, it means one of two things.

1.  I’ve been hacked
2.  I’ve been possessed by Julie Plec or Carina Mackenzie, so please call an exorcist.  


It literally makes no sense for there to be multiple klaroline references every week if they are done with klaroline, something’s obviously going to happen.